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Ecovis Career Spotlight: Meet Dominic

by Dominic Yau

8 May 2022

Dominic, Graduate Semi-Senior in our Audit and Business Advisory team, shares his career path experiences and what he feels sets Ecovis apart from other accountancy employers

“There’s no hierarchy or anything, everyone wants everyone to enjoy themselves and really develop and do well.”


Hi, I’m Dominic Yau. I’m a Senior in the BA team. I joined Ecovis in September 2019.


What degree did you study and which university did you go to?

I studied Accounting and Finance with a year industrial placement in the University of Exeter.


What skills from your degree have you been able to transfer into your role?

The main skills I learnt are obviously the work-related ones and exam-related ones. Studying the ACA during my university degree, I got a good taste of the skills that we’d need, and the techniques. I got a good head-start in terms of the basic practices of accounting, but I also have developed them here. Also, the soft skills, such as working in a team, project management, and time management – all those things are really valued here. You can develop and there’s a great opportunity for that.


What advice would you give to students studying the same degree as you?

So, obviously studying Accounting and Finance, I knew I wanted to go into a job related to Accounting and Finance. The main piece of advice I can give is find somewhere that fits you, personality-wise, not just work-wise. This is a great environment to work in. There’s lots of support here. We work on a wide variety of clients, from small companies to multi-national companies. It’s about finding that ‘outside of work’ experience as well, especially, moving to London – everyone here is really nice, really welcoming and it really helps.


What drew you to Ecovis in particular?

While applying for different jobs, I went to about ten to fifteen different Assessment Centres and then when I came to the Ecovis one it was definitely the people and the way they interviewed. It was very welcoming, everyone was really nice, they wanted to get to know about me as a person as well as my skills


What do you enjoy the most about your role?

The think I enjoy most about my role is the variety of clients I get to work on. From week to week, I can be working on small manager-owned businesses to large multinational companies. They can be in the media sector, they can be in food production, they can be gambling companies – you really do get to experience a lot here. You also get to work on various different sections of an audit file, look at different risks. There’s always opportunity to grow here. Managers and partners are always looking for people to challenge themselves, not afraid to take risks and work really hard. This is something that I definitely appreciate and really like. I really like the people here, everyone’s very welcoming, everyone’s very approachable. It’s a real team environment and a team atmosphere. There’s no hierarchy or anything, everyone wants everyone to enjoy themselves and really develop and do well.


What do you enjoy the most about working at Ecovis?

The thing I enjoy the most about Ecovis is probably the opportunity to challenge myself. There’s the support in place in terms of managers, partners, seniors, but also the opportunity for you to challenge yourself, take that extra risk and you’re not too worried about failing because there’s the support there available to you.




If you like what you see and think you’re the perfect fit



Dominic Yau

Assistant Manager

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