ECOVIS International

A global network working together

Helping your business fly

Operating in more than 90 countries

Team of almost 11,000 experts

Access to accounting, tax, audit and legal professionals across the globe

Spanning 5 Continents

Covering ALL major economic centres

Global revenue of $1.5bn

Ranked 18th in the world

The name ECOVIS, a combination of the terms economy and vision, expresses both our international character and focus on the future and growth of our clients.

Global membership

No matter where you do business, we have specialists who can help

ECOVIS Wingrave Yeats are a proud member of ECOVIS International, a network of like-minded firms delivering consistent, high-quality expertise in over 90 countries, including the major trading centres across the globe.

Combining skills

Global expertise with local faces

Offering the best of both worlds, we aim to combine the personal, proactive and practical approach of a local professional firm with the wealth and diversity of international experience and expertise that can be expected from a global organisation.

A close-knit network

It’s a family affair

Each Partner is invested in growing the ECOVIS International network for our clients’ benefit by nurturing and developing our relationships and special ‘family’ culture which is embraced by all member firms. This is why, when you come to an ECOVIS firm with a multinational service need, we help manage your project by bringing together experts from a wide range of industry sectors and disciplines to provide a service that is specially tailored to your needs. 

“We don’t put you through to just anybody, we know the right person who will work with you and us to make it a success. We know each other well and work together regularly on a range of projects.”


Robert McCann

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ECOVIS International

With our commitment to high quality standards of service delivery, our partner-led approach and specialist knowledge; we are a credible alternative to the larger firms in providing a seamless, affordable global solution tailored to your business needs.

Globally recognised

Expertise you can trust – wherever you are

ECOVIS International is an approved member of the Forum of Firms, a globally recognised benchmark for quality.

The Forum of Firms is an association of the major international accounting networks of firms committed to promoting consistent and high-quality standards of financial reporting and auditing practices worldwide.

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