Our Purpose
& Values

Our Purpose is why we exist
Our Values define how we behave

As social, economic and political pressures continue to create uncertainty and concern, business Purpose has never been more important. Only by putting Purpose at the heart of our actions and taking into account the needs of our people, our customers, our partners, our communities and our world, can we create genuine value in the years ahead.

Our Purpose is to inspire better business

by leading with humanity, fostering trust and empowering change

Leading with Humanity

Above all, we are a human organisation made up of individuals from all walks of life – we just happen to be accountants. Our approachable, accepting culture and strong sense of Family engenders humility and generosity of thought. We believe business can be kind, generous and humble and still make money.

Fostering Trust

We are committed to delivering on our promises with clear, upfront expertise to earn the trust and confidence of our clients and the society and communities we serve. Our clients come away from meeting us with a refreshing sense of having dealt with someone just like them but with the comfort that we have the answers or the intelligence to find them.

Empowering Change

We believe everyone has a part to play in shaping our business. By nurturing and empowering our people, we create inspirational leaders of tomorrow. Sharing knowledge by teaching rather than preaching, we seek to enrich lives by giving control, enabling opportunities and encouraging progress.

How We Found Our Purpose

Co-creating our ‘why’

Our Purpose and Values evolved from our people. Our employees, clients, alumni and business partners had a voice in articulating what Ecovis should stand for, why we exist, and how we behave.

Watch this video to learn about our journey to find our ‘why’

Making it Happen

See how our Purpose and Values fit together

Our Values help us Inspire Better Business by putting our Purpose into action and enabling us to lead with humanity, foster trust and empower change. They are at the heart of everything we do – guiding our day-to-day behaviour, informing how we act, the decisions we make, and how we work with each other and our clients.

Working interdependently, they guide us to do the right thing, bind us together, and represent the foundation of our culture.

Inspiring better business

Our Values

How we Inspire Better Business

When working with our colleagues, community and society to inspire better business, we ….

Work as One Team

We collaborate, support and respect each other, drawing strength from our differences.

Put People First

We make people feel they are big and actively show compassion, consideration and kindness towards others.

Give Commitment

We are committed to delivering on our promises with clear, upfront expertise.

Do What's Right

We earn respect by demonstrating integrity, honesty and professionalism.


We share knowledge by teaching rather than preaching and seek to enrich lives by giving control.

Seek Progress

We are always looking to make things better. We solve problems by looking at different angles – turning challenges into opportunities.

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