International Assignments

Overcoming tax, social security and immigration issues of international assignments

Helping you to meet your global working obligations

  • Coming to the UK
  • Leaving the UK
  • Pre-assignment planning
  • Domicile and the Remittance Basis
  • Overseas Workday Relief
  • Short Term Business Visitors (STBVs)

Working overseas can be both exciting and daunting for an employee. Whether you’re working as part of an international employee assignment or as a Short Term Business Visitor – whatever your situation, our advisers can help. Through our registration and tax return preparation service, we aim to make meeting your new local personal tax obligations while on international assignments as straightforward as possible.

Increasingly, assignments are becoming more short term, where employees are more likely to be ‘commuting’ across international borders without changing residency or moving home. This requires moving at short notice and for shorter periods of time creates new challenges. Our tax specialists can assist with your BEPS legislation and handle Country by Country reporting and compliance requirements.

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