R&D Tax Reliefs

we can help you Optimise your Research & Development reliefs

To promote a culture of innovation within your business

We love working with innovative businesses and sharing in their growth stories. For so many clients we’ve helped them navigate through growth to expansion to exit and, often, a key element of this is in maximising the available tax incentive schemes offered by HMRC, in particular Research & Development Tax Incentives (R&D Tax Reliefs).

The UK has a very attractive set of tax incentives intended to encourage Research and Development (R&D) activities within the UK. The schemes provide generous tax reliefs and can often result in significant cash repayments from HMRC. Despite this, many businesses are unaware of the reliefs that are available to them and, therefore, may miss out on these valuable incentives.

Our tax team work closely with you to understand the qualifying work that you have done to benefit from these incentives and to help you make a watertight, successful claim with HMRC.

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