Credit Control Workshop

If you're concerned about how much you think your business is owed right now or are unsure how much it would cost you to implement credit control - this workshop may be of value!

Your Right Hand have supported businesses of all sizes and stages of growth, across multiple industries to help them implement best practice in their credit control function. Their finance team are currently holding workshops specifically designed to help organisations:

  • Generate cash and reduce the amount of money that isn't paid on time
  • Reduce the cost of credit control
  • Reduce the risk of not getting paid on time
  • Connect credit control intelligence into the cashflow forecast to give you better visibility in the future
  • Respect the sales relationship with your customers
  • Adopt a mindset of accountability with robust reporting


Jennifer Raines CEO YRH

In this this video, Jennifer Raines, CEO and Founder, explains the philosophy behind YRH Best Practice.

Click here for further information on the Workshop sessions, the difference this can make to businesses and a small selection of success stories.


Please get in touch if you are interested in signing-up, we'd be delighted to pass your details on to the Your Right Hand finance team.