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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the for safety of our clients, contacts and employees, we will not be organising any face-to-face events for the time being.

We are, however, continuing to share online content and would be delighted for you to join our upcoming webinars, the details of which can be found below:

Certainty in an uncertain world webinar invitation

25th February 2021 

Can there be any certainty in an uncertain world? Q&A webinar

Answering your most pressing questions on tax, planning & investment opportunities

If the economic impact of Brexit and Coronavirus has left you feeling uncertain about the future – we would like to share our experience and offer some guidance.
In this Q & A session, James MacDonald, Senior Tax Manager and Ruth Potter, Tax Partner at Ecovis, are joined by wealth management expert, Petronella West, CEO at Investment Quorum to answer your most pressing questions around tax, planning and investment opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to learn our view on potential targets for likely tax rises, what a wealth tax might look like, and how to plan your year-end tax strategies or perhaps you’d like to understand what investment opportunities there are in the current environment, how best to position your business or use your wealth differently – these are just some of the topical questions our team are addressing.


The session will cover:

  • How can I beat the budget?
  • Year-end tax planning – what should I be doing now?
  • What opportunities are there now and what might the future hold?



Thursday 25th February 2021 
8:30 AM - 9:15 AM


Watch the recorded event here




Making Tax and your Business DIGITAL

25th November 2020

Making Tax and your Business DIGITAL Webinar

Helping you take advantage of technology and create a digital toolkit for your business


We're delighted to welcome our guest speaker, Samiul Hussain, Digital Engagement Manager at Barclays Business Banking.

In this webinar, Samiul will be sharing his expertise and introducing us to some key digital tools available on the market to help address crucial business needs.

In today's digital landscape there is a plethora of business technologies available. However, often the challenge is understanding some of the terms used (such as digital, cloud or API) and being aware of the apps and information which are accessible and relevant to address our problems.

Whether you're trying to keep a close eye on your cash flow, generate more sales or stay in touch with customers, in this webinar, Samiul aims to  demystify technology and help you find a digital solution to solve your most pressing business challenges.

What we will cover:

  • How Ecovis works with Barclays Business Banking
  • Welcome and introduction
  • What is digital?
  • What is the cloud?
  • What is the API?
  • How are the HMRC using these technologies? (MTD)
  • MTD Timelines and key points
  • MTD Examples
  • How can you benefit from this technology?
  • Next Steps



Wednesday 25th November 
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM



Debt recovery webinar

18th November 2020 Debt Recovery and Dispute Resolution Webinar


Find out how the Capitalise Recovery solution can support your business:

Have you ever had to write off debt because your clients refused to pay? You are not alone!

Pursuing a commercial dispute can be a costly, lengthy and risky undertaking. Rising court fees, reduced cost recovery and a system that is heavily defendant-biased, forces many business owners to simply write off ‘good debt’ or to stop pursuing otherwise viable claims.

Ecovis have been working with Capitalise Recovery which helps streamline the traditional process, reducing the barriers to accessing your cash. It’s quick, collaborative and removes upfront costs while minimising financial  risk.

Watch our recorded webinar

To help you recover debt and gain access to owed cash, we will be running a live webinar with Capitalise. Their team will explain how their Recovery solution works.


The session will cover:

  • Introduction: Meet the Capitalise team
  • Why Recovery is needed by small business owners
    • The cost of late payments
    • Why SME's don't pursue legal action
  • Recovery in Action:
    • Debt recovery and dispute resolution process
    • Expert collaboration
    • What debt can be recovered?
    • How does Capitalise help you adapt to current late payment challenges?
  • Q&A



Wednesday 18th November 
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Watch our recorded webinar

We hope you find this webinar useful. If you have an questions at all, please get in touch with our team.



Friday 2nd October 2020 - Enterprise Ireland Webinar

New Importing Rules with HMRC: Establishing a UK Presence

Join us for our Ready for Brexit webinar hosted by Enterprise Ireland in partnership with HM Revenue and Customs and our Ecovis Partners to understand the upcoming rule changes to importing into the UK.

This panel will include our Managing Partner, Gerry Collins and Tax Partner, Ruth Potter and a representative from HMRC, who will discuss:

  • Understanding the new UK Customs requirements and UK Global Tariff
  • Associated requirements to establish a UK presence - steps involved and implications.


Friday 2nd October
2:00 PM

Couldn't make it to our live webinar? Please feel free to watch the recording

If you have an questions at all, please get in touch with our team.


2nd October 2020 - Controlling Your Business Spend Webinar

How Pleo can support your business:

As business team members remain scattered during this unprecedented international situation, fears about budgets and spending are understandable. In such uncertain times, it’s vital for companies to make sure they’re as cost-conscious and efficient as possible.

With the pressing need to control expenses, Pleo's solution could transform how you manage your team's spending.

To help you gain real-time transparency of your company's finances and empower your teams to stay productive, we will be running a live webinar to show you how the Pleo solution works.


The session will cover:

  • Introduction: Meet the Pleo team
  • Pleo as a cost-cutting tool: What is the true cost of manual expense reporting to your business?
  • Product demo: What are the benefits for you and your team?
  • COVID-19: How does Pleo help you adapt to current workforce challenges?
  • Q&A


Friday 2nd October 
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

29 June 2020 - Cashflow Forecasting Webinar

How Fluidly can support your business:

During this time of uncertainty, being able to plan and look ahead is more crucial than ever. Fluidly helps small businesses sleep better at night by automatically generating a 90-day cash-flow forecast, so you can anticipate what's coming ahead. It also helps you create 'what if' scenarios to plan for different eventualities and chase outstanding invoices.

Join our Webinar 

To support you to understand your cash-flow better and get set up on Fluidly, we will be running a live webinar. 

The session will cover:

  • Introduction to Fluidly
  • Setting up your cash-flow forecast
  • Using the Goal planner to map the impact of COVID-19 on your business


Monday 29th June
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

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Couldn't make it to our live webinar? Please feel free to watch the recording


If you have an questions at all, please get in touch with our team.