The film industry is driven by passion, from the script writers, directors and producers through to the audience members, everyone is passionate about the process as well as the end result. Nevertheless a project won’t be able to get off the ground without a combination of strong financing and the ability to identify “a winner”.

The UK has long been considered a creative hub for the film industry: all supported by the governments generous tax credit allowances that are available to UK-focused productions. We have helped dozens of film companies successfully reclaim creative tax credits. This is an example of our industry knowledge helping you to reduce your tax burden.

It is important that we stay connected to the industry.  We pride ourselves on being able to build lasting relationships with individuals and businesses throughout the world of Film, including high- profile producers, cast and crew, production-houses, financiers and distributors. Among the usual services you’d expect from an accountancy firm, we’re also able to assist in:

  • Reviewing budgets for financial pitfalls
  • Advising producers on anticipating or reacting to unforeseen costs
  • Applying for creative tax credits; and
  • Raising finance for a feature film via SEIS (lower budget projects) or EIS