The advent of new technologies has heralded wholesale changes in the competitive landscape of the brokerage market and in line with this we have grown a specialist offering with a portfolio of clients acting in the brokerage space with assets ranging from fuels, metals and other commodities through to FX and other financial contracts and products.

Our growth in this sector has mirrored that of the market as a whole, which has developed significantly in recent years in opening the market place up to a broader audience. However, with this market growth (and some high profile market failures) has come greater scrutiny and market regulation causing the need for more robust, regular and compliant reporting solutions.

This is where we add value to our clients. Not only do we offer a sophisticated online core management reporting solution, we also help with everything from forecasting capital requirements through to client money reconciliations, COREP and GABRIEL reporting. We are also well placed to assist in areas of taxation ranging from transfer pricing to VAT advisory.

Many of our clients we have worked with since pre-authorisation and we have built a strong network within this sector and grown the knowledge and our team accordingly. We are always looking to grow this network further so please contact one of the team to discuss further.