Virtual Financial Controller

Giving you flexible, affordable access to Finance Director level specialists

Someone who knows your business finances inside out.

  • Strategic planning
  • Financial management
  • Oversight
  • Cashflow forecasting and modelling
  • Fundraising
For any growing business it’s essential to have an energetic, knowledgeable, and informed Financial Controller/Director; someone that knows the finances of the business inside-out and can strategically manage the risks and maximise the opportunities you face.

However, as a business goes through different stages of its lifecycle not all will find it optimal to fill this role internally. In fact, we have many clients for whom we act as a dedicated Virtual Financial Controller/Virtual Financial Director…and it’s a role we love to play!

We love to be a part of your business. We love to go beyond compliance and the basics and really add value through the strategic planning and advice that our amazing people have to offer. This can be anything from credit control to fund raising to Forecasting and Cash Flow Modelling; our Virtual Financial Controllers go beyond the basics and strive to make your business better.

For us we get the diversity of working with so many great businesses in key positions, for you, you can benefit from the accumulated wealth and experience of a qualified accountant that has been there and seen it – and has the benefit of having the entire Ecovis team standing right behind them.

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