Forecasting & Cashflow Modelling

Navigating uncertainty by Forecasting and Cashflow Modelling

Helping you managing today, and plan for tomorrow 

  • Short Term Cash Flow (STCF) forecasts
  • Forecasting working capital in a financial model
  • Financial modelling
  • Financial valuations
  • Forecasting and modelling tools
  • Credit control
  • Fundraising
You know your business better than anybody and you’ve probably got some brilliant bookkeeping and management information available to you on the Cloud, telling you exactly what your financial position is now and what your performance has been in the past. But what about the future?

We know how important accurate planning and forecasting is as you look to push your business on to the next level, and this is an area where our team love to help!

There are so many great pieces of technology out there at the moment – from Futrli to Fluidly to Float – they all integrate seamlessly into your cloud accounting solution, but they all need managing and expertise to get right.  Our UK based team of qualified and training accountants all love to sit down with you to discuss, implement and improve such forecasting and cashflow modelling tools, giving you peace of mind for the future and the tools to manage your business without surprises.

Where our modelling throws up challenges we’ll offer practical advice – from cash flow management and credit control to funding raising support to help you manage the ups and downs that come with running a successful business.

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