Yasmin Diesendorf

International Relationship Manager

Specialist Areas

  • Business Advisory
  • International Industries
  • Global Compliance Services


  • BSc (Hons)
  • German Chamber of Commerce: Certified translator for German/English & English/German


A bit about me

Hello, I’m Yasmin. I am an expert in Global Compliance Services, specialising in helping multinational clients set up business in foreign countries (with the support of the ECOVIS partner office in the relevant country). Whether I’m assisting in company establishment, providing local labour law employment contracts, or setting up the local payroll, it’s my role to advise at every stage of the business overseas expansion journey to ensure success.

Growing a business in an unfamiliar country can be a daunting prospect, particularly when you don’t know the best people to approach for support. Usually, I am our multinational client’s single point of contact, which makes the communication channel much simpler for our global businesses.

I have many years’ professional experience in this particular field and have previously been based in Germany. Starting my career at ECOVIS Duesseldorf (Germany) in 2010, I have recently joined ECOVIS in London.

Due to my unique role in working closely with my international colleagues from other ECOVIS offices around the globe, I am in contact with people all over the world, which I enjoy. I believe that it has broadened my mind and also helps me understand other work ethics and mentalities better.

The multinational clients I work with differ in their individual requirements and problems which need solving – my job never gets boring as there is no typical daily routine!

Personally speaking

  • What are your favourite hobbies?

Meeting friends, concerts & festivals, cooking, exploring London, as I have just moved here 🙂

  • If you could have an alternative career, what would it be?

A florist – I love plants and enjoy taking care of these. Although, the very early hours in order to buy these at the flower market wholesaler would be a red flag though!

  • What is your favourite meal?

Korean Bibimbap

  • What’s your favourite music?

Indie, Hip Hop, RnB

  • What’s the most exciting thing on your bucket list?

Packing up my life in Germany and moving to London in 2023!

  • What languages do you know how to speak?

I am fluent in German, English and Polish