Michael Cloke

Senior Manager

Specialist Areas

  • Outsourced Business Services
  • Cloud Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Technology


  • BSc (1st class Hons) Applied Accounting
  • ACCA
  • AAT



A bit about me

Hello, I’m Michael. I joined Ecovis in 2013 straight from college and am now a Senior Manager in our Financial Management Services team. I grew up playing problem solving games with my Grandad who had me earmarked as an accountant for as long as I can remember. I’ve gained an array of experience from secondments in different industries in my time here and I’m happiest when challenged with something new.

The best bits of my job are coming up with better ways of doing things that can free-up time and resources for our clients and then developing my team so they have that same knowledge and skills base to do the same for other clients. I love a client who wants to work with us to get the reports and information that’s most meaningful to them, but equally if you just want to hit basic compliance requirements then great, let’s find the easiest way to work together and do that.

Personally speaking

What are you favourite hobbies?

Outside of work, I enjoy water polo and am a bit of an athlete, taking part in numerous triathlons both in the UK and around the world. I just love the competitive side to it all.

Alternative career choice?

Professional cricketer. Travelling the world, maybe playing for England, beating the Aussies if we’re lucky!

Coffee or tea?

Yorkshire tea for me. Sean Bean, the Brownlees, I’m from Sussex, but I’m a big fan of all that.

Musical choices?

Keane tend to dominate my Spotify wrapped, they’re from just up the road and I love seeing them ‘live.’