Karan Khanna


Specialist Areas

  • Outsourced Business Services


  • BCom Strategic Brand Management



A bit about me

Hello, I’m Karan. Before joining Ecovis, I worked in companies that specialised in food ingredients distribution where I was involved in supply chain management, procurement, as well as marketing. These roles highlighted my strengths in establishing client relationships, organisation, and numeracy, which in turn led me to switching career paths to accountancy.

Despite having joined recently, I’ve enjoyed learning about the various accountancy tools and software used in this industry. Being able to work with many members in the team from the get-go has also made the transition into this new environment very welcoming. One of my favourite aspects of this role is that I feel immersed within a strong team that supports one-another in a fantastic way.

Personally speaking

  • What are your favourite hobbies?

I enjoy taking my golden retriever out for walks, going to the gym, martial arts, socialising with friends and playing chess.

  • If you could choose an alternative career, what would it be?

My undergraduate degree was focused on marketing and brand management, so I’d most likely try to start my own marketing agency.

  • What luxury item would you take on a desert island?

Definitely an iPod so that I can listen to music!

  • What was your first job?

My first job was as a waiter for Holiday Inn. I was assigned to delivering guests’ room service. This sounds like an easy job – until the lift stops working and you have to carry 3 trays of food to the top floor, up 12 flights of stairs and have to try not to spill anything!

  • What’s your favourite music?

Garage and Hip Hop.

  • What’s the most daring thing you’ve ever done?

The most daring thing I’ve done is paragliding off Lion’s head mountain in Cape Town.

  • What languages do you know how to speak?

I can speak Russian at an intermediate level.