James Colclough


Specialist Areas

  • Due diligence
  • Voluntary disclosures
  • Tax campaigns
  • Cross-border issues


  • MA Taxation


  • Fellow of the Association of Tax Technicians
  • Tax Fellow of the Institute of Financial Accountants
  • STEP affiliate

A bit about me

Hello, I’m James. I am old enough to remember life before self assessment and young enough to remember the dawn of BEPS. I have previously held Tax Partner roles covering OMB and SME’s intertwined with Private Client. In recent years, I have been involved more in a client-facing corporate roles. These involved due diligence and voluntary disclosures, settling tax schemes and dealing with back duty claims and instances of non-compliance.

I have an interest in international tax matters having previously advised on cross-border issues pre- and post-Brexit. In my role, I particularly enjoy the variety of work and that no day is the same. I like to to be my clients’ first and last port of call. I like to think they will make warm calls as opposed to only calling in moments of pain.

I still believe…

” Every man is entitled if he can to order his affairs so that the tax attaching under the appropriate Acts is less than it otherwise would be”

Duke of Westminster [1936] 19 TL 496

Personally speaking

  • What are your favourite hobbies?

I enjoy UFC, rugby and foreign travel.

  • What are your favourite films?

Life is Beautiful and the Prodigal Son.

  • What luxury item would you take on a desert island?

A solar-powered Nutri Bullet.

  • What is your favourite music?

That’s a tough one, how many am I allowed? Cocteau Twins, Joy Division, This Mortal Coil, The Cranberries…

  • If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

The power of infinite patience.

  • What inspires you?

The hope and belief that we all really want to get along, somehow.

  • What one piece of advice would you give your 10-year-old self?

When faced with an easy path or difficult path, be brave and pick difficult. (That and don’t mix scrumpy and southern comfort when you are 19!)

  • What languages do you know how to speak?

Italian and Spanish.