Harry Rushton

IT Manager

Specialist Areas

  • IT systems
  • Technology / Technical Support



  • ComTIA A+ Core 1 and Core 2
  •  BCS IT Technician Level 3 Apprenticeship


A bit about me

Hello, I’m Harry. I started work as an IT Apprentice in 2018 where I completed both my CompTIA and BCS qualifications. I then moved on to being a full time Technical Engineer across two different Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) before joining Ecovis as their internal IT Manager in late 2022.

The main thing I enjoy about working at Ecovis is the culture and the people that work with me. Everyone is very helpful and great to collaborate with. The part I enjoy the most in my role is being able to help everyone by ensuring their IT kit is fit for work.

Personally speaking

  • If you could choose an alternative career, what would it be?

Probably an Aerospace Engineer, as it’s what I studied to be in college before changing to IT!

  • What luxury item would you take on a desert island?

My GameCube, my all-time favourite gaming console growing up.

  • What’s your favourite meal?

Spaghetti Bolognese for sure!

  • What was your first job?

I worked in Burger King as a cook part-time in college.

  • As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

According to my Mum, I wanted to be a train conductor!