Ecovis Online

Technology and Software as a service (“SAAS”) have quickly become one of the fastest growing markets globally as entrepreneurs seek their millions through the innovation of mobile apps and SAAS. There has been much publicity about the emergence of robots and the “dissolution” of jobs as as computers take on manual processes quickly and efficiently.

Online Accounting is also moving quickly with the emergence of providers such as Xero, Exact and Twinfield. These relatively new players, alongside long term providers like SAGE and Quickbooks who are now reinventing themselves in the cloud, can make it difficult to keep up with software development. Our belief is that those willing to embrace technology will benefit from the extraordinary developments that are happening around us.
Many Accounting firms are adopting and implementing cloud applications and “a new way of working” but at Ecovis, we go beyond the basic implementation of software and understand this fast developing industry. We make sure we understand not just as many systems as possible but also their various strengths and weaknesses to streamline accounting and operational processes. This saves our clients time, money and provides them with the business information they need in real-time.

We launched Ecovis Online in 2011, and today, after continuous development and improvement, the platform acts as a marketplace for any piece of software you wish to use. We are experts in SAAS and able to assist you in choosing and implementing the right software solutions for your business.