Data Analytics

Data analytics, big data, data science, business intelligence, data mining…in today’s hyper-digital age, regardless of the industry in which you work, the chances are you will have heard at least one of these terms.

Today it’s impossible to ignore the need for businesses of all sizes to consider the importance of a data-driven strategy. With the pervasive presence of cloud-based retail systems, customer relationship databases and digital record-keeping, every business has a wealth of data at their fingertips that could be accessed to attain a competitive edge.

Most significantly, data sources can be layered against each other to identify relationships and trends. With this information, we can identify business-critical information, such as:

  • Who your key customers are in terms of size and profitability
  • What your profitable market segments are
  • Which parts of the business are unprofitable
  • Emerging market opportunities

We commence every project by taking time to understand your business, your strategic objectives and your key challenges. We discuss our initial thoughts with you and determine how using data analytic techniques and models can give you tailored and specific insights into your business.

For example, some of the questions we can help you tackle are:

  • How can you increase your ROI on marketing spend?
  • Can you predict a customer’s propensity to respond to a marketing campaign, based on their demographic profile and on the type of campaign?
  • What does your key customer look like? How can you identify customers who would benefit from proactive contact?
  • Which contracts could you really do without?

As a team and as a firm, we bring together the technical skillsets of our specialist data scientists with the commercial understanding of our business advisors to create a unique and wide-ranging consultancy service. The insight gained through data analysis combined with our substantial business experience can help to drive real change and measurable improvement for your organisation.