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We’re in this together

by Kathy Innes

8 September 2020

Today we're launching our "We're in this together" series. Over the next few weeks specialists in IT, HR, Wellbeing, Tax and Accounting will share practical tips to try to help our business community during the recovery phase of COVID-19.

As we emerge from our first lockdown, the world is a different place for all of us.

We’ve seen the best of people coming together; families, communities and businesses all working to help us stay afloat and keep driving forward. It’s in that vein that we’re launching our ‘WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER’ series of blogs, videos and Q&As to try to support our business community.

Over the next few weeks we’re teaming up with specialists in IT, HR, Wellbeing, Tax and Accounting and will share practical tips as well as client experiences, so that together we can stay stronger as we come out of lockdown and into the next stages of this social and economic crisis.

Our only agenda in doing this is to help and as part of this we’re offering free check-in sessions to all of our client community as we are in this together.

To kick start Week One, we’ve teamed up Gabby MacSweeney, Account Director at Fluidly.

Helping business owners make accurate decisions with confidence is critical during the recovery phase of COVID-19. In this short video and useful checklist, Gabby, our cashflow expert from Fluidly, offers some key top tips on how to manage cashflow during tough times.

We’ve partnered with Fluidly for a while now and appreciate their support in educating and helping our clients understand the fundamentals of cashflow management. Even in difficult times, there are steps we can all take to protect our businesses – and cashflow is a fundamental place to start. If you need any help or advice please do pick up the phone to the Fluidly team or your Ecovis account manager.

Thanks for sticking with us for blog number 1 in this series – next time up, we will be joined by Natalie Tickle, Head of memberships at the London charity, Heart of the City (HOTC). A good business recognises the value of its people and COVID-19 has highlighted that putting your people first isn’t just a “nice thing to do”, it is core to the future success of your business. In this blog, Natalie shares some of the key lessons they’ve learnt during this time.

Until then stay safe and keep looking after each other.

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