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Universal Credit changes

20 May 2024

Universal Credit claimants working less than half of a full-time week will have to look to increase their hours but will be able to benefit from extra work coach support.

New Work Requirements and Welfare Reforms

Universal Credit claimants working less than half a week now need to work more. Extra support from work coaches is available. This change will aid 400,000 claimants in their career progression. The Prime Minister has announced welfare reforms. These once-in-a-generation changes aim to help people find work, boost earnings, and grow the economy.

Before 2022, people could work nine hours a week and stay on universal credit. The rise in the Administrative Earnings Threshold (AET) has changed this. Now, anyone working less than 18 hours must seek more work.


Intensive Work Search Group and Jobcentre Support

Claimants will join the ‘Intensive Work Search group’. Regular meetings with work coaches will help them plan their career progression, increase earnings, and move off welfare. With previous increases, 400,000 claimants now receive more Jobcentre support. They must engage with this support or they risk losing their benefits.


Recent Welfare Reforms and Empowering Individuals

Last month, the Prime Minister announced welfare reforms. These reforms aim to help thousands more people benefit from employment. This builds on the Government’s £2.5 billion Back to Work Plan. The plan provides extra help to over a million people to overcome work barriers.

This approach to welfare reform shows the government’s commitment to creating a society where everyone can contribute and prosper. By encouraging claimants to seek more work and providing necessary support, we are enhancing their potential and strengthening our economy. This shows our belief in the dignity of work and the potential of every individual. Together, we can build a future where everyone has the chance to succeed.

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