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24 April 2024

The government’s Tipping Act is a step closer to coming into force, as the Code of Practice is published and laid before Parliament. The new Code of Practice will protect the tips of more than 2 million workers giving them a fair share of the tips

The Tipping Act is moving towards enforcement, a significant “tipping boost”. The Code of Practice is now before Parliament, set to protect tips for over 2 million workers.

This “tipping boost” is a legislative milestone. It puts UK workers on track to pocket an extra £200 million. The government rolled out a Code of Practice for fair tip distribution. It will operate legally under the 2023 Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act.

The updated Code of Practice will be statutory. It can serve as evidence in employment tribunals. The Act and related laws ban businesses from withholding service charges. This ensures employees get all their earned tips.

These measures are due to take effect on October 1, 2024, pending parliamentary approval. Many hospitality workers depend on tips to boost their income. They often feel helpless when businesses don’t pass on customer service charges.

The tipping practice overhaul will benefit over 2 million UK workers. These are workers in the hospitality, leisure, and services sectors. It will help ease cost of living pressures. Moreover, it will assure them that they can keep their hard-earned money.

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