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National Payroll Week 2023

by Gina Acosta

4 September 2023

It’s National Payroll Week 2023! Find out more about the event and how our Outsourced Payroll Services can help your business

Ecovis are delighted to be supporting the National Payroll Week 2023 (NPW23) by joining in the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals’ (CIPP) celebration to help raise awareness of Payroll Services and those who work within the industry.

National Payroll Week was established in the UK by CIPP in 1998 to celebrate the payroll profession and to give it the recognition it deserves. This annual event showcases the crucial role that payroll professionals play in ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time. Research shows that there are approximately £500,00 payroll professionals in the UK.


Keeping the UK Paid

Taking place on 4th – 8th September, this is our opportunity to give thanks to all payroll professionals all over the UK for ‘Keeping UK Paid’. We are delighted to actively support the work of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals in particular the National Payroll Week.

To educate and raise awareness of payroll throughout the week, we will be sharing articles, FAQs, and daily payroll tip tips. There will also be free online training and webinar events hosted by CIPP that are available to non-members.

The launch of National Payroll Week will take place on the 4th September 2023 and will be held at the renowned Sky Garden in London. It has been such a pleasure being invited by CIPP to be part of this special event. This is a great opportunity to represent Ecovis as well as to network with senior industry professionals and promote the week ahead.


How We Help

Payroll provides a vital role in ensuring the financial wellbeing of both employees and businesses. At its core, payroll management involves accurate calculation and timely distribution of employees’ compensation including salaries, wages and benefits. For employees, accurate and timely payments are essential for meeting their day to day expenses and achieving financial stability for their families. This flow of income allows individuals to plan their budgets, save for the future and make knowledgeable financial decisions. Furthermore, the correct withholding of salaries income taxes and national insurance contributions managed by payroll team ensures that employees fulfil their obligations and avoid financial repercussions. By managing payroll efficiently, businesses also provide a positive work environment, boosting employee determination and loyalty which can have a direct impact on productivity and overall company performance.


Our Team

As a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals with a CIPP accredited degree in Payroll Management, I have the skills in day to day management of the payroll operations. It is such a great opportunity to continue my career here at Ecovis and continue making a difference.

At Ecovis, our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals provide reliable and outsourced payroll services. Working with companies ranging from owner-managed SMEs to large enterprises, we give business owners the peace of mind by knowing that their staff are paid correctly and on time. The legislation that payroll must follow is huge but our team is confident in our payroll roles and are fully aware of processes that businesses should have in place.

We believe that our payroll skills and collective efforts demonstrate our Ecovis values which are to:

  • Work as One Team. We collaborate, support and respect each other, drawing strength from our differences.
  • Put People First. We make people feel they are big and actively show compassion, consideration and kindness towards others.
  • Give Commitment. We are committed to delivering on our promises with clear, upfront expertise
  • Do What’s Right: We earn respect by demonstrating integrity, honesty and professionalism.
  • Empower: We share knowledge by teach rather than preaching and seek to enrich lives by giving control
  • Seek Progress: We are always looking to make things better. We solve problems by looking at different angles – turning challenges into opportunities.

Additionally, our team’s HMRC approved payroll cloud software streamlines the payroll processes from income tax calculations and other statutory deductions to Real Time Information (RTI). This ensures compliance with relevant UK employment laws and regulations such as adherence to minimum wage, requirements, leave entitlements, tax regulations and Data Protection and security which reduces the risks of errors and penalties.


Our Outsourced Payroll Services

  • Fully-Managed Payroll Services

Our dedicated and qualified team with up to date knowledge of payroll legislation, can manage every payroll situation your company is facing. We can support you by taking responsibility for the administration and operational part of your payroll. Whether your payroll is weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly, monthly, bi-annually or annually, you can be rest assured it will be handled in a secure and confidential manner, and in compliance with GDPR & HMRC.

  • Fully-Managed BACS Approved Services

BACS, (Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services) is the process used for making payments directly from one bank account to another.

Taking the responsibility for transmitting salary payments via our BACS Accredited system, we can ensure your BACS salary payments, HMRC and other third party payments are transmitted on time and without hassle.

  • Digital and Security Payslips

With our online digital portal, your employees can view and download their payslips and P60s securely. They can access them anytime online and can have an option to download the mobile app.

  • Pension Auto Enrolment Services

Automatic enrolment is a Government initiative to help more people save for later life through a pension scheme at work. All employers are required to auto- enrol their eligible employees. We can take care of all your auto enrolment duties.

  • National Minimum Wage Compliance

All employers are legally required to pay all workers at or above the appropriate minimum wage rate.

At Ecovis, compliance reviews are regularly carried out to ensure part-time workers, casual labourers, agency workers, apprentices, trainees etc. are correctly paid .

  • Customised Reporting

We offer a comprehensive and customized payroll reporting that simplifies your bookkeeping and year-end reporting and makes payroll analysis much easier.

  • Audit support

Payroll audit is an analysis of a company’s payroll processes to ensure accuracy. It is important that payroll audits are conducted to verify the process is up to date and legally compliant.

We offer audit support to ensure irregularities do not exist in the payroll. We perform audits on business active employees, pay rates, wages, National Insurance contributions, tax, pensions and any other statutory related payments or deductions.

  • Flexible Benefits Support

Fringe benefits are increasingly becoming a significant proportion of employees’ reward packages. Whichever option suits you and your employees – from salary sacrifice arrangements or reporting P11Ds to payrolling benefits – we can definitely help.


Find out more about our Outsourced Payroll Services and take advantage of our team’s knowledge and experience with all payroll matters by getting in touch with our payroll experts today!

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