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How to begin your ESG journey

by Sam Baldwin

28 March 2024

Are you looking to kickstart a sustainability plan for your business, but are unsure where to begin? We can help you take the first step by providing guidance on ESG compliance, identifying key sustainability data, and assistance in crafting robust ESG strategies.
Are you looking to kickstart a sustainability plan for your business or learn about your ESG performance? We can help you take the first step to begin your ESG journey.


Embarking on your ESG journey

Taking the first step begins the journey to business resilience. However, this step can seem overwhelming without expert guidance. After all, there is such a dizzying variety of different international standards and directives – from the CSDDD to the ESRS to the ICMA GBP. You might wonder:

  • What sort of information is needed?
  • Where can you find this data?
  • How much detail is required to “pass the test,” making your business ESG-compliant and affecting real change?


That’s where our ESG experts can help

We can not only ensure that you identify the key sustainability data in your business, but also help you use that knowledge in the best possible way.


For a snapshot of your current ESG standing, take our 5-minute ESG starter quiz by clicking the button below.

Take the ESG starter quiz


Where should you begin your ESG journey?

Many businesses don’t realise that they already have access to much of the ESG information they need. Consequently, they often overlook these components in their usual business operations. The best way to get over the initial hurdle is to start with the data you have, even if it is incomplete, and build from there.


Quick Wins for Long-Term Benefits

From our experience, we find that almost every business is ready to answer a few core questions, which sets them on the path to building their ESG strategy.


For example, most businesses are positioned to gather information on the following topics:

PillarTopicInformation to gather
EnvironmentalRenewables & Recycling
  • Type of waste recycles
  • Office equipment recycling policy
  • Energy mix
SocialHealth & Safety
  • Breaches of H&S regulation
  • Recording injury and sick days
  • Periodic H&S policy reviews
GovernanceRisk Management
  • Audit of financial and sustainability statements
  • Cybersecurity arrangements
  • Key person risk assessment
  • Dispute settlements


By identifying and tackling these issues, you not only take the first step towards ESG compliance, but can also make substantial improvements to your business, improving customer satisfaction and employee engagement.


How can Ecovis help?

Here at Ecovis, we are dedicated to helping our clients build their own sustainability strategy. Not only can we assist you in identifying your existing risks and opportunities, but we can also help you craft a robust ESG agenda that leverages your strengths.


For a more detailed breakdown of where your business can improve and access to our comprehensive ESG self-assessment, get in touch with our experts today!

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