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Government steps to secure UK supply chains

22 January 2024

Industry leaders welcome the UK's Critical Imports Strategy amid Red Sea shipping disruptions. Over 100 top firms collaborated, ensuring resilient supply chains for critical goods. The strategy aids businesses and aligns with global net-zero goals.

Industry leaders have welcomed the Government’s new Critical Imports and Supply Chain Strategy. It safeguards UK supplies of critical goods such as medicines, minerals and semiconductors.

In a press release issued 17 January 2024, The Department for Business and Trade said:

“More than 100 top UK firms, including pharmaceutical and manufacturing leaders and business representative bodies like the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and the Critical Minerals Association have contributed to the strategy to ensure it helps develop resilient and secure supply chains that protect both their business and the consumers who rely on them.”

This issue has taken on critical importance now shipping is disrupted in the Red Sea.


Ross Baker, Chief Commercial Officer, Heathrow said:

“Heathrow connects the UK to 95% of the world’s economy. It facilitates imports of the high value, time-critical goods that British industries like pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and technology rely on. We welcome Government initiatives that make doing business in the UK easier and more efficient. Ranging from shoring up supply chains to streamlining cargo processes at the airport, so Heathrow can meet growing demand to import and export across the globe.”


UK Chamber of Shipping Commercial and Governance Policy Director, Katrina Ross, said:

“We welcome the UK Government’s focus on critical imports and supply chains through the publishing of this strategy. 95% of UK imports and exports are moved by sea, and our sector’s challenges should be considered as part of the move to build supply chain resilience and to help deliver the UK and global net-zero ambitions.”

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