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Government launches new WhatsApp channel

22 January 2024

The UK Government launches a WhatsApp Channels account, enabling public subscriptions for crucial updates. The trusted channel focuses on timely information about public services, significant news, and resources, while maintaining a non-political, publicly-run approach. Users can follow by searching 'UK Government' on WhatsApp.

The UK Government has introduced a new WhatsApp Channels account. Therefore, enabling the public to subscribe and receive crucial updates directly on their phones. This verified and trusted account will emphasize conveying pertinent information to the public. It will deliver updates on public services, significant news affecting the population. It will also deliver guidance on new resources.

We will continually assess the effectiveness of the UK Government channel, a communication method geared towards delivering timely and relevant information. Users can anticipate regular updates from various government departments on a weekly basis.

Examples of posts on the UK Government channel include reinforcing public health advice, like announcing winter flu jabs. Additionally including, reminding about deadlines such as self-assessment tax returns, providing new information on additional support available to the public, such as cost of living payments, government-linked discounts, and other benefits, as well as sharing childcare support updates.

The channel will also serve as a platform to disseminate trustworthy and essential information from partner organizations like UK Health Security, along with health alerts from Public Health England. Similar to GOV.UK or official government social media accounts, the channel will function as a publicly-run information service. Strictly excluding its use for political or campaign purposes. Government officials will manage the channel.

Anyone with a WhatsApp account can follow the new UK Government WhatsApp channel. They can do this by searching for ‘UK Government’ in the ‘Updates’ section of the app and choosing to follow the account.

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