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30 April 2024

The government has launched the new Help to Grow: Management Essentials course; a short online course with practical tips and resources for small business leaders.

Recently, the government initiated a new course, namely the Help to Grow: Management Essentials. This online course, although concise, is comprehensive and brimming with practical tips and resources. Specifically, it’s tailored for leaders steering the helm of small businesses.

Drawing its roots from the extensive 12-week Help to Grow: Management Course, this new course is an ideal fit for leaders at the forefront of newer or smaller SMEs. Additionally, it serves as an excellent stepping stone for those who are on the brink of exploring the fundamental principles of business growth and management. They can take this step before making a commitment to enroll in the full course.

The government acknowledges the indispensable role that small businesses play. They are a vital cog in the wheel of local economies across the UK. Therefore, extending support to these businesses is not just important, but absolutely crucial for fuelling economic growth.

The year 2024 has been earmarked as the year of the SME. In light of this, the government has made a firm pledge that it will continue to extend its support and engage with small businesses. They are the very engines that drive our economy. The recent launch of this course is a testament to this commitment. It introduced a series of measures designed to help these businesses reach their full potential.

Finally, the Essentials course is the latest feather in the cap of the SME support package. The government announced it as part of the ‘Help to Grow’ campaign. This campaign is a one-stop shop for SMEs. The Help to Grow site is a beacon for business owners. It simplifies the process of finding resources that they need at every step of their growth journey.manage

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