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Ecovis & friends helping Ukraine

by Robert McCann

1 September 2022

Ecovis & friends support the children & young people affected by the war in Ukraine. Read more about our efforts and please donate now!

It is with continuing dismay that we witness the relentless effects of the war in Ukraine. While we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine in the wake of this unprovoked attack, we also want to provide concrete help.

Among those affected are many Ukrainian children and young people who have had to leave their homes either alone or with their mothers and embark on an arduous journey into an uncertain future.

Through the Ecovis & friends Foundation, we are actively defining specific projects which will be focused on providing tangible support to children and young people from Ukraine. We will seek to fund these projects through donations from Ecovis member firms and other parties who have already pledged their support.


We would ask you to use the following donation account which is now available to receive your donations:

  • Account holder: Ecovis & friends Foundation, Germany
  • IBAN: DE08 7016 0000 0000 12 74 30
  • Bank: DZ Bank Muenchen, Germany
  • Purpose: Ukraine aid – donation for children

When making a donation, please could you give your name and address so that we may provide you with a receipt.

We have already mobilised the assistance of certain partners across our German network of more than 100 firms and our international network across more than 80 countries. In this context, we have already been able to support four specific projects in Ukraine as well as in Poland and Germany. Our Polish colleagues have good local knowledge of the border region. In regular exchanges, we continuously learn where our donations can meet immediate needs either directly or through certain aid organisations that can provide assistance in the most effective manner. You can find more information on the Ecovis & friends Foundation website.

Please let us know if you have personal connections to Ukraine or to any aid organisation or if you have any specific questions or suggestions? In this regard, please feel free to contact us and we will work with you to see how we can combine our efforts.

Thank you very much, in advance, for your donation and your continuing help.

We hope that the crisis in Ukraine can be resolved quickly. The objective of the Foundation is to seek to provide support to those in real need for as long as necessary.


With kind regards

Your Ecovis Team and the Board of Trustees of Ecovis & friends

Robert McCann

Senior Partner

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