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Company confirmation statement changes

14 March 2024

As well as filing accounts with Companies House, there is an important requirement to check that the information Companies House has about your company is correct every year.

Annual Requirements

In addition to submitting accounts to Companies House, you must verify the accuracy of your company’s information annually. This process involves filing an annual company confirmation statement. If a company or its officers fail to file a statement, Companies House has the authority to prosecute them, and the company may face dissolution.

The Companies House has updated its guidance on the statement, titled “Filing your company’s confirmation statement,” with new measures introduced under the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act.

Filing and Updating the Confirmation Statement

You must file a confirmation statement at Companies House typically once every 12 months. Instead of resubmitting data each year, you only need to update the statement if there are changes to report. If no changes have occurred, you simply confirm the accuracy of the information and submit the statement. The due date is typically a year after your company’s incorporation date or the date you paid your last annual fee. You have a 14-day grace period after the due date to file your statement. You can make any necessary updates, such as to the statement of capital, shareholder information, and SIC codes, when you submit the confirmation statement.

Changes in Forms and Fees

There are now two separate forms for completing a confirmation statement. If your confirmation date is on or before 4 March 2024, use the Confirmation Statement CS01 to verify that your company’s details are current. If your confirmation date is on or after 5 March 2024, use the new version of the Confirmation Statement form CS01 to verify that your company’s details are current. Existing companies must provide a registered email address when they file their next statement with a statement date from 5 March 2024.

Currently, the cost to file your statement online is £13, and it’s £40 if you submit a paper form to Companies House. These fees will rise to £34 and £62, respectively, from 1 May 2024.

Source: Companies House Tue, 12 Mar 2024 00:00:00 +0100

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