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Childcare funding for under 9-month-olds

20 May 2024

In a recent press release the Department for Education confirmed that parents of children from 9 months old can now apply to access government-funded childcare from September 2024, as England’s largest ever childcare expansion continues.

The Department for Education recently confirmed a major childcare expansion. Parents with children as young as 9 months can apply for government-funded childcare from September 2024.

Starting 12 May 2024, working parents with children turning 9 months old by 31 August can apply. They can access 15 hours of funded childcare weekly. This will benefit hundreds of thousands of families nationwide.

This is the government’s second step in their long-term plan. It aims to help parents balance family and career. The successful April launch shows the plan is effective.

Since the launch, 211,027 two-year-olds are already using government-funded places. This helps parents return to work or increase their hours. It also supports the government’s commitment to economic growth through affordable, quality childcare.

Working parents can apply for their government-funded childcare code via the childcare service. This applies to those with children aged between 9 months and 23 months old on 31 August 2024. They can then validate this code with their chosen childcare provider.

In the next stage, the government will directly support childcare costs. This starts from the term after the child turns 9 months old and continues until they start school. By September 2025, support will increase to 30 government-funded hours weekly. This will save families an average of £6,900 per year.

This initiative is a testament to the government’s commitment to supporting families and the economy. It not only eases the financial burden on parents but also fosters a nurturing environment for children from a young age. The government’s proactive approach in expanding access to quality childcare is a significant step towards a brighter future for all. It’s a win-win situation, benefiting parents, children, and the broader economy.

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