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Many successful domestic businesses and established international businesses make the strategic decision to enter new overseas markets. However, expanding overseas into the global marketplace isn’t always as simple as it sounds.

Without the right connections, information and support, forays into overseas markets can end up being an expensive mistake. But we and our ECOVIS International colleagues can support global market entry businesses to mitigate some of these risks.

Choosing the best commercial model

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Trading options

Businesses that trade internationally have a number of options available to them in terms of how they structure their trading arrangements and operations as well as their corporate structure. Some of those trading options include:

  • Manufacturing and exporting products.
  • Setting up manufacturing operations in different markets.
  • Outsourcing manufacturing processes to third parties based in your home market or overseas markets.
  • Basing sales and marketing operations in your home market or overseas market or a combination of the two.

Delivering services in overseas markets by people in home markets or establishing operations and people in overseas markets.

Corporate Structure

When it comes to considering an appropriate entity or corporate structure some of the following options may be appropriate or need consideration:

  • Manage risk
  • Be tax efficient
  • Align corporate, management and operational structures
  • Provide transparency and visibility to operations and financial performance
  • Provide the requisite flexibility
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements
  • Align with corporate objectives
Over time, as things change, structures and trading arrangements should be reviewed to ensure that they remain fit for purpose both now and in the future depending on the businesses strategic and operational aims and objectives.

How we help

Maximising your business value

Through our depth and breadth of services and expertise in the UK and overseas through our ECOVIS International firms, we work with international companies to ensure that their international operations and structures are optimised with the ‘big picture’ in mind.

The UK Ecovis team under the leadership of Stuart has been excellent – focus – execution – reasonableness. The team managed; in part complex circumstances across multiple entities and regions not just with highest level of professionalism and integrity but more importantly helping the companies to improve going forward. It is a pleasure to work with Stuart, Jess and team.

Jan Reese

Group CFO, Motorsport Network

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