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Many successful domestic businesses and established international businesses make the strategic decision to enter new overseas markets. However, expanding overseas into the global marketplace isn’t always as simple as it sounds.

Without the right connections, information and support, forays into overseas markets can end up being an expensive mistake. But we and our ECOVIS International colleagues can support global market entry businesses to mitigate some of these risks.

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Through research and planning

Before even considering entering a new market, extensive market research and structured planning should be performed. This is not only to ensure the businesses’ goods and services are in demand, but, in addition, to make sure the local culture and business practices are understood.

With more than 8,000 people operating in over 80 countries offering audit, accounting, tax and legal services, you can be assured that Ecovis International have the experts on the ground. Moreover, by having the right contacts, our network makes expanding overseas as risk free, practicable and painless as possible – as a result, positioning your company for success.

Making sure you are aware of and understand your legal and regulatory obligations is crucial. Firstly, we can take the headache away, by providing a complete outsourced suite of compliance and advisory services. Secondly, our advisors from different countries collaborate to ensure your structure and operations are optimised from a group perspective and with the big picture in mind.

The Information Lab

A client story

We have supported The Information Lab Limited with their global expansion plans in a number of ways, including:


  • Expanding overseas into Australia

Ecovis International firms provided structuring, tax and legal advice to the company as they expanded into the Australian market. The company went into partnership with an existing Australian business. This arrangement was structured by the creation of a new company with The Information Lab having a 30% equity interest in the new company.


  • Expanding overseas into Germany

Ecovis International firms provided a range of services to support the acquisition of a German company. Consequently, this resulted in the German company becoming a wholly owned subsidiary. Our services included transaction support such as financial, tax and legal due diligence, review and drafting of legal documents, structuring and tax advice. Ongoing audit, accounting, tax and legal support are provided to the German company post transaction.


  • Expanding overseas into US

Ecovis International firms provided structuring, tax and legal advice. This enabled the company to establish a new operation and entity in the US to facilitate its US organic growth strategy. Ongoing audit, accounting, tax and legal support are provided to the US company following market entry.

When moving to Ecovis, I was looking to partner with a team that could grow as we did.  We have since grown by five times in the UK and replicated our business into ten other countries and Ecovis have been with us at every step of the way.

They have restructured the businesses, provided advice as we move internationally and introduced us to their global partner network to provide tailored, local support.  We are now on a journey to conquer America and once again Ecovis have facilitated the appropriate introductions and provide umbrella advice for the whole group.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others, something I have done a number of times.

Tom Brown

Managing Director, The Information Lab

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