Entering the UK market

The world is your oyster

Why choose the UK as your Business Hub?

As we move forward after developing a new trading relationship with the EU, the UK remains the 5th largest economy in the world and is one of the most open, business-friendly and welcoming economies for international investors.

The relative ease of doing business here combined with the skilled workforce, science and innovation hubs, and renowned legal and education systems, are just some of the reasons Britain continues to be chosen by global businesses as the hub of their global expansion plans.

Above all, we see first-hand the resilience of the UK, its competitive economy, and supportive environment to nurture enterprise and talent. We look forward to ‘holding your hand’ to help your business set up in the UK to flourish here, especially during the critical early stage of business launch.

Holding your hand

Helping you at every stage of your journey

Regardless of the type of entity you would like to set up, where in the UK you would like to be based, the industry sector you are working within or the geographical location of the home country, our team is here to help you at every stage of your expansion journey.

Drawing on experience 

Taking the risk out of new market entry

With over forty years’ experience providing tax planning and compliance, finance and legal set-up services to help companies and individuals establish themselves here, we have a proven track record in supporting clients across the globe. From the West Coast of the USA to New Zealand – ranging from multinational brands to company start-ups – above all, our specialists work together to leverage their wealth of experience to provide personal, proactive and practical advice, always aimed to de-risk your market entry plans.

Flexing with your needs

We make it our job to evolve with you

We know the culture, we know the market, and we understand the complexities involved with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Similarly, we also understand that what your business needs in the beginning is different to what you need when you are well-established: therefore, we make it our job to evolve with you.

Crucially, with careful planning and sound advice, we help take the risk out of market entry, speed up the process and enable you to make the most of UK opportunities at every stage of your growth cycle.

Support at every stage of your business lifecycle

Throughout your business journey, our team of advisors are here to help you

1. Start
2. Manage
3. Grow
4. Protect
5. Exit
  • Assess your business readiness for expansion to the UK
  • Carry out market research and feasibility studies on the UK market
  • Decide your recruitment strategy
  • Create your business plan: What does year 1 success look like?
  • ‘De-mystify’ audit, legal and tax compliance requirements
Month 1
  • Choose a legal entity type and set-up
  • Agree on corporate structure
  • Create a tax, accounting and audit compliance environment
  • Resolve tax and transfer pricing issues
  • Meet reliable HR and employee benefits specialists
  • Employment taxes and workplace pensions advice and set up
  • Organise VISAs
Month 2
  • Introducing you to bankers, lawyers, insurance and IT specialists
  • Apply for bank account (4-6 weeks incl. BACS)
  • Start work with market entry specialists
  • Register for Value Added Tax
Month 3
  • Finalise accounting system
  • Register for payroll and corporate tax

Post launch:

  • Get to grips with tax, audit and accounting compliance
  • Understand further operational compliance factors, such as specific laws and regulations for different sectors or employment legislation
  • Fine-tune your business plan further for when you ‘hit the ground’
  • Employ further UK staff
  • Managing
    • Cash flow
    • Imports / exports
    • People and skills
    • Tax and transaction
  • Use the UK as a base to expand into other markets
  • Develop your UK, EU and further afield business plan
  • Harness the support of the Ecovis International network
  • Consider tax planning for further expansion
  • Raise funding
  • Acquire or merge with another company
  • Intellectual Property (IP)
  • HMRC late tax filings or payments
  • If business struggling, what you can do
  • If customers can’t or won’t pay
  • Protecting from cyber attacks
  • Exit or close a business
  • Sell a business
  • Value a business
  • Minimise tax upon exiting a business
  • Pass business on to family
  • Undertake management buyout

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