Managing Partners’ Forum: Finding Your Why

26 May 2022

Kingsley Napley LLLP

8:30 am

Finding Your Why: A practical session on how to articulate and embed Purpose into business


Despite having a clear view internally, many professional services firms struggle to formalise their Purpose.

Purpose is the ‘why’ behind a brand. It defines the ‘heart’ of an organisation, what it represents and the ultimate reason a company exists.

As brands battle for differentiation in overcrowded markets, they need something extra to stand out. Why? Because there will always be organisations that maintain they can deliver better, faster, and cheaper.

Therefore, it’s no longer enough to talk about why your product or service is superior to the competition – brands need something that will make them more remarkable. They need a distinct purpose that is authentic and resonates with their audience.

Over breakfast at the offices of Kingsley Napley, Ingrid Brown (Principal, Bright Space Communications), Zoe Bailey (Head of Strategic Operations, Withers & Rogers) and Kathy Innes (Head of Marketing, ECOVIS) will help business leaders move from endless discussions around Purpose to something concrete and practical.


Managing Partners’ Forum Strategy & Marketing Group
In Person Member-only roundtable from 8.30am (guest passes on request)

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