Why do UK startups fail?

Based on our 30+ years’ experience in helping many overseas clients set up in the UK, here are some of the main factors which result in failure.


  • Lack of detailed market research
  • No USP,
  • Incorrect market entry or pricing strategy
  • Competition too strong
  • Poor recruitment of key sales staff.

There is an old saying “a strong management team and a poor product will succeed but not the reverse.” The overseas management may be too remote to understand the time investment required or cultural nuances of a different market to succeed.


  • Lack of sufficient funding for year 1
  • No clear view of what success or failure looks like after year 1
  • An inability to attract growth funding and poor UK side cash flow controls.

Location: Picking the wrong UK site location particularly for a goods business.

Planning: No proper business plan for the UK.

Market-readiness: Entering the market before the goods or service is market ready.

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