What are the benefits of outsourcing my accounts?

Can't decide whether to keep your finance in-house or to outsource your accounts? No two businesses are the same, and the same is true of their finance function.

For some companies it makes sense to keep finance in-house, for others outsourcing your accounts is the best option. But, increasingly, we see a middle ground as being a good option. Whatever you decide, the key is that you have a finance function that works. This means timely, accurate reporting, no missed deadlines and always having the answers to your finance questions at the tip of your figures.

There is usually a certain stage in a company’s growth where it makes sense to in-house finance, however, not every company has the size or appetite to build an internal finance team. By outsourcing your accounts, you’re not just gaining access to an individual, but a whole team of knowledge and expertise. This means you always have qualified resource available to you and don’t need to worry about employing and managing staff. Outsourcing your finance function is a cost effective solution and eliminates the disruptions of employee leave through sickness or holiday. It allows you to focus on your internal priorities rather than managing additional administration, Crucially, it also allows you access to expert resource who have seen and done this many times before and can apply that wisdom to your benefit.

One of our key beliefs is that, even though we are an outsourced function, we are still very much a part of your internal team. We want to get to know your business as if were employed by you. Whatever you decide, our priority will always be you. We will help you build a finance function that works best for your business, that allows for business continuity, but can flex as your business requirements evolve and change.

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