How do I set up an online cloud accounting system?

Whether you’re just installing or migrating a legacy desktop system, it can be confusing when setting up an online cloud accounting system.

There are so many vendors and bolt-on APIs and applications that the question really needs to be driven by your accounting and reporting needs.

Questions to be asked include:

  • What are your priorities from an accounting system?
  • Is it just the basics of bookkeeping, MTD and reporting you need?
  • Or do you need additional features, such as consolidation, departmental analysis, multi-currency or cashflow forecasting?

In truth, anyone can set up an online accounting system quickly and easily using the likes of Quickbooks, Sage or Xero. These vendors have great support libraries available to you. However, it’s always worth starting with the end goal in mind to make sure the set-up is done properly at day 1. This will save you having rebuild issues further down the line. As Donald Rumsfeld said, ‘there are things we don’t know we don’t know.” This certainly holds true when it comes to any kind of system implementation project, which is why we love to help our clients out in this area.

Our Outsourced Business Services Team have been implementing cloud accounting systems since 2005 and can help you tailor the solution that’s right for your business. From Xero to Dynamics 365, we’re here to help you ask the right questions to get the most of out of your cloud accounting system. This way, we can ensure you have an automated, effortless finance function that produces the timely and accurate reports you require.

Read more about how our Outsourced Business Services and Cloud System services can support you and your accounting needs. As always, please feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your own business requirements.

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