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World Mental Health Day 2018

At Ecovis, we know that our business is only at its best when our employees are at theirs. That’s why we continue to work towards an environment free from stigma. One which supports employees and provides them with the tools to understand and tackle mental health challenges affecting them, their colleagues, and society as a whole.

One of the ways we do this is via our flexible working policy. We know that our people need to find a work / life balance and have other commitments on their time. This stress can sometimes take a mental toll and cause emotional suffering, which is often invisible to others. Our policy allows early or late starts, subsequent early or late finishes, flexible lunch hours, or a combination of what works for each individual.

Alongside this, we encourage each member of staff to pair themselves with a mentor and have open conversations about their workload, their ambitions, and the progression of their career, plus any difficulties they may be facing, either at work or at home.

We continue to support our people and their development at all levels, and would like to thank every member of staff for making a difference in our workplace.