"WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER" Key considerations for the return to the workplace

We're in this together with Esther McLeod, IMA

"Returning to the office" is very much a hot topic for most businesses right now and there are many complex HR-related issues to consider.
As part of our "WE'RE IN THIS TOGETHER" series, Esther McLeod, Head of HR Practice at International Management Answers and Founder and Managing Director of ELM HR, took part in a recorded Q&A session with us.

In this interview, Esther addressed some key questions to help us ensure the return to the 'new normal' is smooth, safe and positive. Questions we asked Esther include:

  • Can an employer force an employee to return to the workplace?
  • How can we encourage our people to want to take that step with us?
  • What should we be considering before we ask our employees to come back to the workplace?


Watch our recorded Q&A highlights video