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U-Turn on NIC Increase for Self-Employed

Politically it is significant on many levels, will this announcement result in a new chancellor? Who will now dare to break a manifesto promise for fear of being pushed to the back bench? Is this simply a convenient smoke screen stopping us debating the real issues that will affect our short and medium-term prosperity?

As a firm based in Soho with the majority of our clients operating in London or the South East is an average of £240 a year of additional NIC really up there as the biggest issues for our self-employed clients?  In my opinion, probably not. The looming uncertainty that is Brexit, ever increasing property costs, public transport issues and industrial disputes, and the scarce resource of skilled labour are the real issues I believe.

My view, therefore, is waste no more time discussing this dead NIC issue and instead let's use our energy to develop working strategies which help us deal with the real issues that our businesses face.

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