Mental Health Awareness Week 18 - 24 May 2020

This week is MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK and now more than ever it is really important that we look after our mental wellbeing. To help raise awareness, and in an effort to boost everyone’s current wellbeing, our Ecovis Mental Health First Aider team have arranged a series of events which we'll be running throughout the week.


Day 1: Connect

Now more than ever our conversations are concentrated to those who we live with and those in our team who we work directly with. To help us re-connect with the wider team we will set up a series of small lunch time sessions bringing people from different departments together. We hope you will all enjoy talking to someone different today!


Day 2: Be Active

Today we want to encourage everyone to get a little sweaty, whether it’s a pre-work yoga session, a lunch time run / walk or a post-work HIIT work out. Once you are done, please share a picture with @MHFA!


Day 3: Keep Learning

Fancy giving a new language a go? Today is your chance! We will be running three lunch time sessions, one in Italian, one in Urdu and the final one in Cantonese, so please do join us and come and learn some basic phrases. We would also like to give a big thank you to our three linguistic volunteers for giving up their time and helping us out with this one!


Day 4: Take Notice

Self-care is very important, so today we thought we’d try a little bit of mediation. Mediation is known to help with stress and anxiety, something a lot of us are experiencing at the moment. Please join us for a 20 minute lunch time session where we will learn some basic techniques. Hopefully this is something you want to continue practicing and will help you through the rest of lock down!


Day 5: Give

Team MHFA will be taking over this week's QUIZ!! Please join us at 5pm and get your quiz hats on 😊.


These are just some of the ideas our team has come up with - We'd love to hear what your company is doing to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week?