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Giving Back

After qualifying as a CA I chose to take a sabbatical and seven years ago headed to Kathmandu, Nepal.  AfID (Accounting for International Development www.afid.org.uk) were my sponsor and matched my accounting skills with a small Nepalese charity, MSH (www.mysmallhelp.org).  MSH works to improve the welfare and education of disabled and disadvantaged children and young adults and their families in the developing world.  In a small town, Patan, on the outskirts of Kathmandu I worked closely with Pramila, the bookkeeper, using my CA skills to help her put in place systems, controls and understand how to monitor and reconcile donations & monthly direct debits.  Not only that, she opened up her home, welcomed me into her family and showed me how amazing Kathmandu and the surrounding area is, much of which had to be re-built following the devastating impact of the April 2015 earthquake.

Keeping in touch via Facebook and Messenger, I got a message just two weeks ago (moments after our own Gala dinner) to say that MSH’s main sponsor, Esland Group, was hosting a Charity Gala dinner in their benefit.  And this afternoon Pramila and her husband, sponsored by MSH’s trustees & Esland, having never before stepped out of their country Nepal, will be popping by the office to see in return where I work, where I live, meet some of you and enjoy what Soho has to offer with an early evening dinner at Mildred’s.

As a Firm we have worked hard to Give Back and Pramila Gives Back in her daily-life as MSH’s President, helping children with travel, school uniform, books and food to ensure that they get the education that they deserve in the hope of a brighter future.  I thought this was a nice thing to share with you all and as we welcome them in the office this afternoon.