Data Analytics - Delivering value to clients through data, insights and actions

Data Science Skillsets

Big data, machine learning, data analytics, data science, AI. Buzzwords no doubt you’ll have heard, which all boil down to the same three things:

Data, Insights and Actions.

At Ecovis, we’ve built our data analytics consultancy offering on this mantra, providing intelligently targeted, outcome-focussed analytics to clients across a range of industries. Ultimately our purpose is to transform data into insights that can support, prompt and drive actions, leading to better decision-making in the businesses that we are supporting.

In practice this has meant we’ve delivered a range of solutions, bespoke to the business context of the clients in question. As examples, this has embodied:

  • analysis projects to identify unprofitable clients in professional services firms and to illustrate the causes, such as skewed seniority of team structures, working inefficiencies and duplication of effort, or poor billing practices
  • building real-time dashboard environments for professional services firms, manufacturers and retailers alike. Using products like Microsoft Power BI or Tableau, we have delivered bespoke automated reporting views, illustrating KPI metrics and exception reporting to users allowing them to intervene and take action in a timely manner
  • training machine learning algorithms on datasets and deploying them to predict future behaviour. A great example of this has been to predict the likelihood of potential customers of fashion retailers making a purchase after receiving a catalogue, allowing a targeted approach to future campaigns


We are able to do this by combining the skillsets of specialist data scientists and analysts, in disciplines of database querying, data visualisation, analysis and programming, with the commercial understanding and domain knowledge of our business advisors and accountants.

This results in a unique and wide-ranging service, addressing our clients’ key issues and leveraging the applicable tools and techniques to deliver valuable solutions.

Please get in touch if you’d like to hear more about data analytics and how it can be relevant to your business.