Case Study: Process Improvement, Automation of Tasks and Eradicating Duplication using Data Analysis

Improving operational procedures using data analysis

20% typical time saving on procedural tasks in both revenue-generating and support functions

An independent investigation into your operational procedures, mapping the flow of data around your business, recommending changes that will result in significant time savings, and building the tools that will deliver automation.

How did we help?

We have delivered these projects for significant benefits across a variety of industries. We have identified tangible opportunities for process improvement, automation of tasks and eradicating duplication, whether under the constraints of existing systems or not. We deliver the tools to automate data processing, be this through programmed scripts and applications or through macro-based tools, in all cases providing a significant gain in efficiency for our clients.

The result

  • Spend less time on low-value procedural tasks
  • Spend more time on adding value to the business
  • Service more customers to a better standard through the efficiencies gained
  • Engender a culture of positive change and agility

“In some way to a larger or smaller extent, every business relies on operational processes which haven’t kept up with the pace of change.

 In identifying this, it can be hard to see the wood for the trees from the inside, or even to find the time to deal with it.

By lending a fresh pair of eyes, isolating opportunities and delivering automation tools, we have provided dramatic savings of time and mitigation of the risks of error, and delivered a clear return on investment to our clients in the process.”

Director, Ecovis Wingrave Yeats