Case Study: Proactive Business Development using Client Network Analysis

Proactive Business Development using a Client network Analysis

10X potential increase in number of ‘warm’ prospects approached per month

Simplify the complex web of relationships that encompass your business. Visualise your network of clients, suppliers and competitors and become equipped to identify warm opportunities faster and more effectively.

How can we help?

We have developed a tool that allows your teams to visualise this network and empowers them to deep dive and understand the dynamics between all the entities that are important to your business. Understand the influence of key multipliers, curate a warm target list and identify opportunities for business development.

The result

  • Obtain a clear view of the network of relationships encompassing your business
  • Identify warm opportunities within your client network, fast
  • Discover patterns and uncover hidden opportunities
  • Discover key influencers and gatekeepers
  • Identify the fastest or easiest route to reach prospects or stakeholders

“The analysis that the team has produced here has given us a living, breathing visualisation of our clients, company directors, and interconnecting relationships between them.

This allows us to get on the front foot and be proactive in approaching our clients, to help them with needs that we already know they have.

It takes “knowing your client” to a new level.”

Partner, Ecovis Wingrave Yeats