Case Study: Boosting Manufacturing Output using Data Analytics

Boosting Manufacturing Output using Data Analytics

9% lost sales revenue potentially recoverable through process improvements

Our client was unaware of the orders they were failing to fulfil and the extent of sales revenue being sacrificed. We highlighted the inefficient operations in their business and equipped their leaders to drive change.

How did we help?

We used accurate real-time reporting to shine a light on the firm’s operations, which allowed inconsistencies in order processing to be uncovered and resolved. Our orders monitoring dashboard provided managers with targeted insights, driving actions by exception and facilitating reform of lax processes to realise improved profitability. The project delivered instant value to the client, enabling positive change from the very first stages.

The result

  • Identified inefficient business processes, and their financial impact on the business, quickly and easily
  • Supported action-focussed decision-making to service orders on time, accelerate the working capital cycle and increase order success
  • Equipped leaders with real-time insights into operations
  • Supported better production planning with self-service analytics of operational data

“The Ecovis data analytics team keenly understood our needs when we challenged them to build us a management dashboard.

Ecovis took us from exploration of our systems and data, through defining the KPIs we needed to be measuring, to actually building the tools to allow us to monitor them in real-time. Our dashboard is up and running and the insights we’re obtaining are already having an impact on our daily decision-making.

The value to us has been immediate,and I’m sleeping more easily!”

CEO & Co-Founder, Coffee & TV