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A forward-thinking digital strategy is vital in today’s economy

One fundamental component of a business’s strategy is where to expand and/or set up, and London is one of the best cities to help strengthen a company’s digital strategy.

In FDI Intelligence’s inaugural ranking of FDI attractiveness for digital industries and tech companies, London topped the league table ranking at #1. Digital leaders like Facebook, Apple, and Netflix, alongside more than 23,000 ICT and software companies, have chosen the global city to establish or expand their European headquarters here and have boosted London’s reputation for technological innovation.

The UK Government’s promotion of digital apprenticeships in areas such as software development and data analytics have further improved London’s technically enabled workforce. This pool of talent is vital for companies wishing to invest in their digital strategy and offering.

The digitisation of today’s economy is no longer breaking news, as the 'Internet of Things', cryptocurrencies, and finding a partner on a mobile app are not just commonplace, but vital parts of life today. Companies, international or not, start-up or not, can no longer afford complacency and need to have a long, hard think around their digital strategy in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Below are some of the ways in which Ecovis can help you enhance and improve your digital strategy;

  • Cloud accounting and efficiencies through technology

Using the right digital technology for your finance function may be something that you have overlooked but it can be a clever way in reducing inefficiencies by processing data faster and retrieving important financial information more easily. Riding the digital revolution wave, we have worked with numerous products since 2011 and strive to provide the best solution for our clients. No two businesses are the same and we can review and advise on the best solution for your company.

  • Data analytics

Examining a company’s data sets can uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences, and other useful business information. Whether it is by way of complex algorithms or intelligent reporting, the goal is to transform a company’s internal and external data into insights that can support, prompt, and drive business decision-making. Our team of data scientists, analysts, and business advisors can help both define the questions, and unlock the answers.


For an in-depth, personalised discussion regarding your business requirements, please get in touch with one of our professional advisors.