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We consider the Audit and Assurance ‘experience’ for our clients to be as important as the technical delivery

Enabling you to meet your obligations without any headaches or that last minute rush

The key to a successful audit and assurance is knowing you can trust the financial statements, records and reports which describe the performance of your business. By taking time to understand your business and the drivers and risks you face, our professionals can challenge assumptions and provide deeper insights beyond compliance as well as giving you confidence in the accuracy of those figures.

Whilst we are committed to providing high quality audits and exceptional client service to the bulk of the marketplace, there are a number of sectors where we are considered to be one of the leading audit firms if not the leading audit firm in those sectors, namely

  • International mid-market groups
  • Media, specifically film and TV production
  • Financial Markets, specifically Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)
  • Sustainable Energy and Renewables
  • Technology

We have three strands to our audit and assurance approach which deliver high quality audits for our clients and an exceptional experience. Our training and development programmes are built around these areas with each given equal prominence.

Exceptional Client Service

Adopting a culture of collaboration and continual growth

Our entire audit team undergo quarterly training where we debrief audit assignments completed in the previous quarter from a client service and project management perspective. This allows us to share ideas and experiences, brainstorm, learn and continually improve your experience of working with us.

We also have a culture and mindset of understanding your objectives and working with you to deliver the desired outcome, whilst always being mindful of the need to be compliant and satisfy any legal and ethical obligations.

Smooth Audit Process

Actioning an efficient, reliable and tailored plan

Over time, we have developed and refined a proprietary audit process and way of working to ensure you receive an efficient audit. Consequently, this reduces the time input required by your CFO/FD, lowers cost and ensures that there are no late surprises.

Our process ensures that opportunities to present the financial statements and company in the best possible light are realised, deadlines are met, and budgets are adhered to. Whilst all of our staff are trained to religiously follow our audit process, which is underpinned by robust systems, processes and controls, we are able to flex how we work so that you will receive a bespoke audit process which optimises our work with you.

Technical Excellence

Our commitment to deliver quality and value

We only take on audit assignments where we believe that we can deliver an exceptional service. If we turn down the opportunity to be appointed as an auditor, it is not because we do not like the people or the company, it is because we think that another firm would be a better fit, be able to deliver a better service and add more value.

We invest heavily in technical training for our staff and ensure they are working with market leading data analytics and audit software which they are highly skilled in using.

Taking a proactive approach

Offering a spectrum of audit and assurance services


Statutory Audits


Voluntary Statutory Audits


Other Assurance Engagements

Grant & Royalty Audits


Financial Reporting Advice

Corporate Reporting

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