ECOVIS London Foundation

How it works

The Ecovis London Foundation was founded in early 2016 by the Partners of Ecovis Wingrave Yeats. Each year we allocate a percentage of the firm’s profits to the Foundation. This gives the Foundation financial stability and enables it to invest in causes on a long term and sustainable basis.

The Foundation is an independent body which has its own constitution and an independent executive board, including employee representatives from Ecovis Wingrave Yeats. It is envisaged that, as the charity grows and evolves, there will be additional external Trustee appointments to ensure the charity meets its diversity responsibilities and has a wide range of skillsets.

It is important to the Partners that everyone can contribute in the charitable focus of the Foundation and all staff are encouraged to come forward with their ideas and donate their time, via the employee Giving Back group, to whom the ELF charity has delegated some powers via its constitution.


ELF charitable objectives focus on “the relief of those in need, by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage by such charitable means as the trustees shall from time to time determine. Other disadvantage would be where a hardship need is not currently being met by the Dept of Work and Pensions and current social care funds."

ELF vision is embedded in the local community it serves. That those vulnerable adults, in need in sectors that they operate in, will have tangible support and the opportunities they need. To help vulnerable adults to thrive and have mutually supportive relationships and tools that help alleviate disadvantage. In supporting individuals in partnership with other charities, the Ecovis London Foundation charity continues to evolve and grow.


Our focus: Homelessness

Homelessness is a nationwide problem with thousands of people forced to sleep rough every night.  Rough Sleepers (or Rooflessness) is the most visible form of homelessness, however, low-paid families and the young are among the hidden victims.

According to official figures, the number of people sleeping on the streets of London rose by 25% between 2018 and early 2019, with 3,289 rough sleepers in the capital between October and December.

Working in Soho, this is an issue that is right outside our door or just around the corner and, as a result, very close to our hearts.

When deciding which charities to initially to support, the Partner group at Ecovis Wingrave Yeats turned to the staff for suggestions and engaged a Charity specialist to set up the Charity and take forward the benevolent projects. It very quickly became clear that the high level of homelessness within the local community was a shared concern across the firm. Following engagement with a number of local charities in this sector, ELF chose Thames Reach and House of St Barnabas as its strategic charitable partners.


ELF fundraising initiatives include the Gala Dinner: The partners and the company facilitate this biennial event in support of the Ecovis London Foundation. This event enables supporters, clients and sponsors to come together to raise funds for ELF and donate to our charitable causes.

Our Ecovis and Friends in Ecovis Germany have also funded a three-year Thames Reach project supporting 18-25 year olds.



ELF Annual Reports highlight the great work and activities that ELF does on behalf of others less fortunate in the community. If you would like to read more, please click on our 2017/18, 2019 and 2020 Annual reports.


For more information, please contact:

  • David Whelan, Director of Ecovis London Foundation
  • Office: 0207-495-2244
  • Email:
  • Just Giving Page:


The Foundation has an independent Board of Trustees that are tasked with the governance of the charity and, in conjunction with the charity, which projects to take forward. The Ecovis London Foundation is a separate legal charitable entity registered and regulated by the Charity Commission, Charity No: 1170290